I make no apologies: the goal of this campaign is to save the world. Right from the get-go. Level uno, baby. Because when there’s a gigantic behemoth sleeping under your beloved city, that place where you keep all your stuff, and he’s about to wake up from his 5,000 year nap and get the midnight snack of all-time, there’s nothing to sidetrack you.

Yes, that’s right. The mothaflippin’ Tarrasque is what you have to stop from wrecking your crib. And you have to do it at no higher than level 6. Oh, is it too hard for you, little baby-man? Well, as the French would say in a 17th century brothel: “Tough titties.” Gandalf was level 6. So Aragorn must have been level 6. And Frodo sure as hell wasn’t any higher than level 6. They didn’t complain.

Except for Frodo, who actually did complain the whole damn trip. God, Frodo, man up!

Anyways, grab your dice and pray to Adolamin for his blessings. It’s game time.

The Mavens Guild

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