The Mavens Guild

What a Bunch of Geas

Three of our heroes found themselves in the city of Irdor, or more specifically, in its prison. They had all been involved in a brawl at a local inn, which led to its subsequent burnination. However, they would not stay long, for the prison guards rounded up all the prisoners, and a renowned wizard by the name of Leopoldo Bean performed a strange ritual. Every three prisoners were bound to a paladin guard, and a Geas spell was cast on all in attendance. The Geas they were sent on was to stop whatever danger lurked below the prison.

The party was made aware that a series of tunnels and work quarters had been carved in the ground underneath the city, and could be accessed through the prison. Recently, the city’s workers had come under attack by an unknown force. Though this force was not the danger spoken of in the Geas, it would have to be dealt with should the party expect to complete its quest.

After gathering the party before venturing forth, it was discovered that a cult of Asmodeus was responsible for the underground attacks. It also came to light that the cultists were experimenting with necromancy, turning a majority of the prisoners and paladins into zombies. The party was able to rescue a sole surviving prisoner, a woman named Uri. She helped the group find the entrance to the lowest level of the dungeon, where they found out the true purpose of their Geas—to keep a Tarrasque from waking up and devouring the countryside.



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