The Mavens Guild

You Don't Gnome Me!

After rescuing the captain of the guard, he told the party to go to the mage college to seek some answers. The answers they found there, however, weren’t much help. It seems the head of Research & Development for Tarrasque Containment, Nesk Nightworm, had fled Irdor 6 months ago. It left the mage college hurting for ideas on how to stop the Tarrasque, so the party decided to seek him out for those same ideas.

The party got some good intel on where Nesk was last seen, what he looked like, and what his favorite cigar was—an imported cigar called The Kind Dragon with a distinct purple smoke. They set off across the vast lake to another port town, Odaan. At a sleepy little tavern, the party found only 1 patron who was smoking a Kind Dragon, so Arcurian approached him to discern if he was indeed their man…er, gnome. The patron did appear to be human, no matter how many free drinks and pick up lines Arcurian flung his way.

Trippston and Grog tailed him anyway, as they thought he was their best lead. Turns out their intuitions were correct, and they cornered him. Nesk revealed that he had dug up a lot, if not all, of the information one could find about the Tarrasque. He got so disheartened at the odds of defeating it, that he chose to flee, relocating across the lake to Odaan where he figured it would be safe, since Tarrasque can’t (or prefer not to) swim. However, he agreed to let the group in on his findings in the last ditch hope that they may stop the Tarrasque from awakening in 6 weeks time.

The basic plan is as follows:
1. Locate all 9 Candles of Invocation—each candle representing one of the 9 alignments
2. Perform the ritual that opens a gate to the Lawful Good plane
3. (At this time, the candle will only burn for 4 hours) Locate a Solar, an angelic being, and convince him to help defeat the Tarrasque
4. Return to the material plane and have the Solar cast one of the strongest spells known in the world—Wish

With that, Nesk sent the party to the nearest known location of one of the candles—the town of Tooj-Reh on the border of the Khud-Al jungle. They were to meet up with Siroo, a friend of Nesk who would fill them in on the goings on with the town.

The strangest happenings with the town, the party found out, were the sudden fires that would catch random buildings on fire—and sure enough, the party witnessed Siroo’s own hut burn to ashes. A bright light, visible even during the day, would precede these fires every time. The light came from the deepest parts of the jungle, and the party set out to investigate. After 3 days of journeying in thick underbrush, and fighting off an ambush in zero visibility, the party came to a gorge, with a rickety bridge spanning across a rushing river. On the other side stood a monument—two ziggurats surrounded by smaller structures, a bright shining light emanating from one of the ziggurats.



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