The Mavens Guild

Lizards & Wizards

Having successfully crossed a rickety bridge they were sure was sent from the 9 Hells to kill them, the group scouted out the two ziggurats that housed the mysterious death ray. The group alchemist did not make the best camouflaged sneak-thief, and the lizardfolk began hurling javelins and sending in monitor lizards to deal with the threat. (Lizards having pet lizards makes me think of Goofy and Pluto, but we won’t get into that here)

From out of nowhere, a fifth figure darted out of the bushes and ran straight up one of the ziggurats. Since he was targeting the lizardfolk, the party deemed him a friend for the moment and carried on with their own battle. While the party was making sure their foes would make nice designer shoes and handbags, this stranger seemed more interested in finding something quick. As he made his way up the second ziggurat, Grog deftly outran him and made it to the pinnacle first. One spell later from the lizardfolk cleric and Grog was running in terror the opposite direction.

The stranger seemed interested in dismantling the death ray, or the Eye of the Sun, and after a shot from his gun didn’t give him the desired effect, he ran and jumped straight into the device, sending all of its delicate parts in every direction, while he tumbled over the side of the ziggurat. When the party finally arrived and dealt with the remaining riff raff, they found the cleric’s secret stash, the most important treasure being one of the candles of invocation they had been seeking.

The only thing left was what to make of this strange gun-toting adventurer. After a bit of intrigue and death threats and promises of monetary reward, the group decided to let him travel with them for a while. Having more firepower couldn’t hurt considering the foe they were set out to defeat.

And that’s all that happened. I know, it doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is D&D—where a 3 hour walk is resolved in 30 seconds, and a 30 second fight is resolved in 3 hours.



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